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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Hetalia.
You: Ciao, hun~ *waves* {2P!Romano}
Stranger: Oh god, it's you again (2p!Spain)
You: Wah~ So mean~! *pouts cutely*
Stranger: *Scowls at him* Quit making that face, you look stupid.
You: *smiles sweetly* Okay~! Anything for you~! *hugs*
Stranger: *Makes a face* What are you doing? *Attempts to shove him off*
You: Hugging you silly~!! *keeps a firm grip*
Stranger: ....Why? No, actually I don't care, stop it.
You: Aw~ but why~! *whines*
Stranger: *Rolls his eyes* Because I fucking said so!
You: *pouts again and lets go and goes to sit down* I thought you loved me~!
Stranger: *Snorts and crosses his arms over his chest* I never agreed or admitted to anything like that.
You: Aw~ I hate you too~ *smiles sweetly*
Stranger: *Blushes faintly* I never said that either! Aghh...
You: *giggles cutely* So adorable~
Stranger: Shut the hell up....Why are you even here?
You: Cause I can be~ is that so wrong~?
Stranger: Yes, it is.
You: Oh~ you would say that but oh well i'm here anyway~! *smiles sweetly and sits comfortably against the couch*
Stranger: *Grumbles* That means there's no getting rid of you know doesn't it? *Sighs dramatically and sits on the couches opposite end*
You: Si~! *scoots closer and cuddles*
Stranger: *Glances down at him* You're doing that thing again.
You: *looks up innocently* What thing~?
Stranger: *Scowls at him* That thing where you're touching me.
You: Oh~ It seems I am~! I'm sorry I just can't help it, your just so tempting~! *cuddles closer*
Stranger: You know that was a hint for you to stop right?
You: Si I know~! *smiles*
Stranger: You're hopeless...
You: *giggles* I hate you too~ *gets up* If your not willing to cuddle maybe the other Spain is~ *claps hands together* Oh he is just the most adorable little thing~!
Stranger: ((Sorry, had to brb for a second))
*Glowers at him* Hmph. *Grabs him around the waist and pulls him back down* You'd better not be cuddling any other fucking Spains.
You: *Surprised then smiles* Jealous are we~? Why I've cuddled the other Spain lots of times~ He is so sweet~!
You: ((tis ok^^))
Stranger: No. *Tightens arms around him* Tch, fine then. I'll kill him.
You: Aw~ no~! *sniffs and pouts*
Stranger: Don't make that face at me. *Huffs* It's his own damn fault. Puta.
You: *gasps and covers own mouth* Such a dirty word~!!
Stranger: *Snorts* You're a grown man, you've heard bad words before.
You: Please don't kill Spain~! I'll do anything if it means stopping you from killing him~!
Stranger: Nope. It's already been decided. You aren't helping his case by trying to convince me not to.
You: *pouts* No fair~!!
Stranger: He touched something that's mine. I can't let him get away with it, otherwise everyone will start to do it.
You: Oh so i'm yours now~? I don't ever recall you doing so much as owning me~
Stranger: Not my fault you're too stupid to figure things out.
You: And its not my fault that you never physically owned me~!
Stranger: Prissy as you are? I try not to play rough with toys that break easily.
You: *Turns around to face him* I don /not/ break easily~! *huffs cutely*
Stranger: *Grabs his chin roughly and stares at him* You really are stupid aren't you?
You: *stares back a bit surprised*
Stranger: *Rolls his eyes and drags him into a kiss*
You: *kisses back smiling in his mind*
Stranger: *Pulls away and scowls at him*
You: *Smiles sweetly* Aw~ Is that the best you can do~? *smirks*
Stranger: Fuck you. *Kisses him again, biting down on his lip*
You: Oh i'd be willing for you to do so~ *parts his lips gasping*
Stranger: Of course you would. Tch-whore. *Smirks, shoving tongue into his mouth*
You: *tongue comes out to play eagerly*
Stranger: *Rubs against the tongue teasingly*
You: *tongue pokes his playfully*
Stranger: *Tongue pushes back against his, less than playfully*
You: *smirks into the kiss and bites his tongue*
Stranger: *Gasps, nipping at his lip and pulling him into his lap*
You: *keeps hold of his tongue*
Stranger: *Slides hands under his shirt and pinches his side*
You: *squeaks and lets go of his tongue*
Stranger: *Chuckles and pulls away, sliding hands further up and pinching him again*
You: *makes soft noises in between the squeaks*
Stranger: *Latches on to one of his earlobes with his teeth* Is this what you're talking about when you're going on incessantly about things being adorable?
You: D-depends on what you mean *blushes lightly*
Stranger: *Smirks and bites down, twisting on of his nipples*
You: *moans loudly* Ahh~
Stranger: Heh. *Twists harder, biting his way down his neck*
You: *Arches into his touch as he continues moaning*
Stranger: You really are too easy. *Rips his shirt open, continuing down his chest*
You: *gasps and pouts panting and moaning a little* th-that was e-expensive~!
Stranger: *Pushes him back onto the couch, replacing his fingers with his teeth* Should have thought about that before then, shouldn't you?
You: *throws his head back and moans*
Stranger: Enjoying yourself? *Suck gently for a moment before biting down harshly* God, you really are a whore....
You: Nn~! O-only your whore~ *pants more as he moans*
Stranger: You'd better be. *Presses a kiss to his abdomen, cupping the front of his pants and squeezing*
You: Nn~!! *blushes and bucks into his hand*
Stranger: Tch, even when you're not talking you're still noisy and desperate. *Rolls his eyes*
You: *Pouts cutely* So mean~!!
Stranger: You knew what you were signing up for. *Huffs* The pants, I want them off.
You: *Takes them off so he doesn't ruin another piece of clothing*
Stranger: So compliant. Good boy~ *Presses a kiss to the inside of his thigh*
You: *blushes and watches him*
Stranger: *Smirks down at him, biting and kissing his way down to the back of his knee*
You: *shivers a bit and moans softly*
Stranger: *Gives his other leg the same treatment before moving up and nuzzling the front of his underwear*
You: *gasps and blushes*
Stranger: *Grins at him, pulling the article of clothing down* If this was all I had to do to stop you running your mouth I would have done it years ago.
You: *blushes and looks away*
Stranger: Didn't think you'd be so easily embarrassed slut. *Kisses the side of his cock*
You: Nn~... *makes soft noises*
Stranger: *Rubs his cheek against it, kissing the head*
You: *makes a soft moan* st-stop teasing...
Stranger: *Bites down lightly at it's base* Why should I?
You: p-please? *twitches a little*
Stranger: But you seem so /excited/. Why should I ruin your fun?~ *Wraps his hand around it, squeezing gently*
You: *moans softly* Ahhn~
Stranger: *Strokes up and down for a few moments before pulling away*
You: *makes a small whine*
Stranger: Something wrong?~
You: Y-you stopped~! *whines a bit*
Stranger: *Raises an eyebrow* It's not a problem is it?~ *Smirks* I'm sure I've got better things to be doing than whores right now...
You: *pouts* P-please don't leave me like this?
Stranger: *Tries to keep from chuckling out loud* What reason do I have not to, hmmm?~
You: I-i'll leave you alone for the week? Month? Longer?
Stranger: Hmmmm~ I suppose I'll accept that.
You: *Eyes light up happily*
Stranger: *Reaches for him again, flicking a thumb over his tip. Holds fingers of his free hand up to his face* Suck
You: *takes them and licks the tips of the fingers then takes then in coating them the best he can while nipping at sensitive areas along his fingers*
Stranger: *Watches him intently, a soft moan escaping* Alright, that's enough! *Pulls them away quickly*
You: *looks up at him sweetly*
Stranger: *Scowls, grabbing his hips and flipping him over* I /hate/ you.
You: I hate you too~ *smiles*
Stranger: That's not a good thing! *Grumbles, pulling his backside up some and pressing a finger to his entrance*
You: *blushes and moans softly* Ahh~
Stranger: Why did I know that would shut you up? *Pushes it all the way in, a second quickly joining it*
You: *makes soft moans of pleasure and rolls his hips against his fingers*
Stranger: Eager little thing aren't you. *Smacks his ass, continuing to finger him*
You: *moans a little louder and continues*
Stranger: *Huffs, adding a third finger*
You: *pants lightly*
Stranger: *Removes the fingers after a moment*
You: *whines softly at the loss*
Stranger: *Laughs, reaching down and slowly undoing his belt and pants*
You: *turns his head to look at him*
Stranger: *Calmly pushes down his pants and then his underwear*
You: *blushes and looks away*
Stranger: *Digs fingers into his hips, pulling him back and burying himself inside of him*
You: *moans loudly being filled with his member*
Stranger: Dios you're a tight little whore. *Groans, pulling out and slamming back into him*
You: *moans and clings to the couch*
Stranger: *Digs fingers into his skin, thrusting into him roughly*
You: *bucks to meet his thrusts and moans loudly*
Stranger: *Continues to push into him, reaching down to grab him, stroking quickly* Who's are you little whore?~
You: Y-yours! *moaning loudly and bucking*
Stranger: *Starts thrusting harder, leaning over to bite at his shoulder blade* Si. And are you allowed to cuddle with other people?
You: N-no...! *moans as he's bitten*
Stranger: *Pants, kissing the spot before digging his teeth back in* I'm the only Spain that's allowed to touch you, don't forget that.
You: S-si! *panting more feels close* s-so c-close...
Stranger: Good boy~ *Moans and speeds up his strokes, nuzzling his neck* Scream for me slut.
You: *Screams in pleasure bucking more getting really close*
Stranger: Hgnn. *Pulls his hip up, searching for is prostrate*
You: *arches his back and moans especially loudly* th-there~!!
Stranger: *Keeps hitting that spot, thrusts getting harsher and less coordinated*
You: Ahh-ahhhn~!! *bucks to meet his thrusts*
Stranger: *Chuckles breathlessly, sucking a mark on to his neck* I want to see you come for me little whore~
You: Nn-nngh~! *body arches as he moans loudly coming* Sp-spain!!
Stranger: I wish you listened this well when my cock wasn't in you. *Kisses his neck, slamming into him, hips jerking a few times before he comes as well*
You: *moans lightly as he's filled panting lightly*
Stranger: *Pants, pulling out of him and pushing him away*
You: *sits up and gathers his clothes gets dressed so he can leave*
Stranger: *Grabs him and pulls him into a kiss* You said you'd leave me alone for a week, si? I expect you to be back at the end of it.
You: *nods obediently* Si~
Stranger: Good boy~
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Yep 2P!Spamano~ Read and Enjoy~
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RP-Esmera Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*shamelessly nosebleeds everywhere*
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ValleryValentines123 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is what I do with 2p Spamano shippers. But mine is bondage and more sadistic XD (Hopefully I'm not! I'm only 12!)
AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry for the late reply, I don't frequent dA much anymore, but wow this is a really old rp of mine I'm 20 now jfc
RandomPasta127 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Student Artist
(( .... my face has never turned this red before o-o ))
AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
omg this roleplay is so old o.o but im glad you liked it ^^"
RandomPasta127 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Student Artist
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Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] 
PockyLovers27 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
'That thing where you're touching me.' Brilliant. XD

This was so great to read! I can never find any good 2p!Spamano! Thank you for posting.

AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
No problem~!
marshmallowsxoxo Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
vfm vkvmc bvckxjbkjn omg that was amazing!!!! i lost it at "That thing where you're touching me."xD
AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yes I was quite happy to have such a good conversational partner at the time :) and sorry for the late reply I don't get on dA much anymore
OMG!! I love you for this!! :iconiloveitplz:
AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
lol thank you it was a lot of fun doing it :)
Jutsika Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student
I want to talk with strangers like this too XD !!!
AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Jutsika Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Student
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AlumTsuhei Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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